What hats can you wear with a simple wardrobe of T-shirts, jeans, and overshirts for college?

’m gonna assume a guy ’cause what you describe sounds more like what a typical guy would wear.

I’m gonna say it: bag the baseball hat. Gawd. EVERY guy wears a baseball hat. And if you do …for cryin’ out loud don’t go walkin’ around wearing it backwards …like you think your kewl. All it does is scream “I like being and living on the low end of the food chain”. Be different and wear something else. What, you say?

Something like this:


 This is called a Driving or Ivy cap …or frequently …a Jackie Stewart hat …made famous by this famous veteran British formula one racer: 


…Google any of these with an image search and you’ll find all manner of variations.

   A mariners cap or fisherman’s cap is a little more like a baseball hat but so not: 


   Then you’ve got a Liverpool or John Lennon cap: 


Some of these styles sort of overlap …especially the fisherman’s, mariner’s and “John Lennon” caps. And for each type of cap there are a zillion patterns, colorways and styles.

Any of these would look immensely better and be so waay cooler than another dude (gal?) wearing another baseball hat ……