Origin of the Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are developed with baseball, and baseball is a kind of ball sport, which is the main feature of Ball game, which is collective and antagonistic. It is widely carried out in the international arena and has great influence, and is praised as "the combination of competition and wisdom". In the United States, Japan is particularly prevalent, known as the "National ball." Baseball caps are also booming as baseball has grown because of the impact of baseball, according to U.S. experts over the years, the baseball movement stems from British cricket (cricket also known as Yuanchang rounder). In the 1839, American Chub Dey (Doubleday) organized the first game that was very similar to the modern baseball movement. In the competition, the contestants just started to cover up the sun's hat, because of its particularity so the brim is longer to shield the sun from the eyes of the light to achieve better results, this is the first baseball cap.