How to Wear a Truck Wagon? How to Wear a Truck Wagon? How to Wear a Truck Wagon?

How to wear a truck cap to look good? Even wearing the same style of clothing can not have the similarities with the look of the influx of people? How can you wear a truck cap to look good? The following Xiao Bian gave everyone a recommendation on how to wear several truck caps. It will make you look at the truck caps.

 How to wear a truck cap looks good: First of all, let us talk about the origin of the truck cap. The truck cap is also called a truck cap or a truck driver cap. It is a kind of baseball cap. Sometimes it is also referred to as an "advertising hat" or "feed hat" because at first such hats were promotional materials for feed or agricultural supply companies to promote products to farmers and truck drivers. Hip-hop culture is one of the most important elements of dress. Later, it slowly developed into a favorite accessory for fashion young people on the street.

  How to wear a good truck cap recommend a: simple wearing a truck cap

Pingyi truck cap is considered to be a popular hat in the summer of 2015. It can be seen on the clothes of many stars, such as Fan Bingbing's stunning dress and appearance at the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, and the ankle's endorsement brand red casual shoes, green plaid. Stitch jacket is full of domineering. But Fan Ye, who will never miss the sale, once again puts on a Mickey red truck cap to match the red shoes, which makes her stand out anytime, anywhere.

  How to wear a good-looking truck cap recommended two: after wearing a truck cap

If you want to wear a HIP-HOP, you will need to wear a headscarf and then wear a truck with a brim. This will give people a feeling of going hip-hop and want to be more like a pair of hip-hop pants. We felt more HIP-HOP. Very temperament Oh! There is also a way to wear is to wear the side of the law will be very good, and with the canvas shoes, it is even more different! For those who want to know what brand of canvas shoes good crush can go to 229 platform to see.

  Regarding how to wear a good-looking truck cap Xiaobian to introduce this to everyone, like the truck cap pro, we can try different ways to wear, if you are interested in the truck cap, you can look to the national costume wholesale market! Maybe there will be other gains.