Ford made a hat for the truck driver: to prevent them from falling asleep

Truck driving is an exhausting task. Drivers need to pay constant attention to road conditions while driving. Falling asleep during prolonged driving is an occasional, but often fatal, condition. This is why Ford Motor Company developed SafeCap, which senses head movements related to sleepiness, through sound, light and The shock wakes the driver.

It is understood that in order to celebrate the 60-year history of producing trucks in Brazil, Ford collaborated with GMB, a creative agency based in Sao Paulo, to launch the SafeCap. They studied and mapped the head movements to distinguish between the driver's actions while driving (checking the instrument panel, looking at the rearview mirror), and the actions that he took when he was drowsy.

The device also has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope that detects the head movement of the driver during the entire driving process, and then wakes the driver through the vibrating components and a louder sound. In addition, GTB employees explained the design of this SafeCap cap